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trending E-MAIL marketing strategy for 2020

In this short and concise post we are going to illuminate some less discussed points of email marketing but which are proved as very relevant and beneficial in 2020.

Non-Spammy look : Your mail should look like professional and better if it will categorize under customer or subscribers education series, it’s applicable for any trade.

Nurturing Overselling : That means anyhow viewer should voluntarily convert as a lead or optin your service.

Hyper-Personalization : Not only by name, but also analyse the subscriber or customer journey and make some good proposal.

Targeted Automation : Use some advanced good tools for automating the mail on good timing.

Integrating with other marketing channels : Incorporate optin facility direct from Landing page or social pages.

Mobile-friendly AMP optimize : Today 89% promotional mails are open at mobiles, so mobile friendly design in utmost priority, better if it is optimized as AMP mail.

Other than the above points we should maintain some basic rules of advanced & successful email marketing :Standout design, Live social media link buttons, Targeted message, Brand Humanization and most important data privacy with disclaimer.