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in 2019 is ‘search king’ lost their domination ?


in 2019 is ‘search king’ lost his domination ?

Too much business view : may google loosing his position as a by default search king ?

Still we can’t ignore the  fact, due to android OS google automatically getting benefited and hold the position as search king, but extensively focused on marketing by tracking of users behaviour peoples are switching or intuitively looking for better and impartial search engines, which will be search more less spying, already “duck duck go” getting a major number of search traffic. Now any search platform have to initiated two things i.e; data localisation & country or region wise search result, that’s why engaged more visitors attention.

From the marketer point of view we can spot two immediate step –

first thing to do – find out & analyse trending new search engines, check region wise popularity

So, next is – submission of your digital assets to the specific search engine’s console

List of some top & trending search platform :

duck duck go /  / cc search / gibiru /internet archive / search encrypt / yandex / start page / swiss cows / ecosia

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